PegaSys Plus Enterprise Ethereum client

What is PegaSys Plus?

PegaSys Plus is a commercially-licensed Ethereum client built on Hyperledger Besu. Hyperledger Besu is an Ethereum client written in Java that runs private permissioned networks or public networks. PegaSys Plus extends Hyperledger Besu by providing additional enterprise features such as security configurations, event streaming, and advanced monitoring.

Why use PegaSys Plus?

PegaSys Plus is designed for enterprises that want to accelerate their blockchain solution to production quickly. Users gain all of the benefits and features of Hyperledger Besu like Solidity-based smart contracts, simple Ethereum-based digital asset models, and multiple consensus algorithms, along with additional features that ensure the security, reliability, and scalability of their blockchain solution.

PegaSys Plus includes functionality that addresses enterprise requirements in the following areas:

  • Security

    Secure your data at rest by encrypting the blockchain’s internal database. Encryption keys are held securely in keystores or vaults (for example, Hashicorp Vault). This provides an extra layer of security in case hackers tamper with your infrastructure. Even if they gain access to your data, it is inaccessible due to encryption.

  • Reliability

    Monitor and capture metrics in real-time to view the health of validator nodes in the network. By capturing metrics like the last time a node produced a block or a decrease in performance, you can use real-time insights to resolve problems before they impact your business.

  • Visibility

    Track blockchain events in real-time and set alerts to notify team members of specific events. Subscribe to any websocket-based event using a streaming platform (for example, Apache Kafka). This subscription type allows scalable and reliable event tracking without requiring a websocket subscription. Use the streaming platforms to set alerts or functionality triggers for blockchain events, and watch transactions as they arrive on the network, get included in blocks, or get dropped.

Need more information?

PegaSys Plus is designed to take your enterprise blockchain solution from proof of concept to production. To learn more about how PegaSys Plus features and vendor support can meet your enterprise’s requirements, contact us.