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Hyperledger Besu plugins command line options

This reference describes the syntax of the Hyperledger Besu command line interface (CLI) options and subcommands for plugins that extend Hyperledger Besu. All plugin options are prefixed with plugin.


Only the plugin CLI options are listed here. Visit the Hyperledger Besu documentation to view the CLI options for the besu command.

Only the CLI options for the plugins you have installed are displayed in the CLI help.




Comma-separated list of categories for which to track Besu metrics. An additional category for when using the validator monitoring plugin is POA.



Cipher provider used to encrypt data at rest. The default is the first available provider that supports AES/CTR/NoPadding.

Use this option to specify a cipher provider based on performance requirements, or for compliance. For example, to specify a cipher provider that complies with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

Data is encrypted using the 256-bit AES encryption key.



Configuration file used to retrieve the 256-bit AES encryption key in HashiCorp Vault.



File containing the 256-bit AES encryption key to encrypt the blockchain data at rest.

Use this option when a local file stores the encryption key.



Enables or disables the Kafka event streaming plugin. The default is false.



Topics to enable in the event stream. By default, all topics are enabled. Use this option to enable only specific topics.



Smart contract addresses to filter events from.

You can create a schema file to decode the events that are published to Kafka, and present it in a more readable format.



Filter event logs emitted by smart contracts by topic.

You can create a schema file to decode the events that are published to Kafka and present it in a more readable format.



Schema file used to decode events specified using the --plugin-kafka-log-filter-addresses and --plugin-kafka-log-filter-topics options.



Enables or disables the storing of event metadata in a local database. The default is true.



Enables or disables overriding Kafka Producer configuration properties. The default is false.



The Kafka Producer configuration property. Can be specified multiple times if multiple properties are required.



Prefix of the Hyperledger Besu data stream displayed in the Kafka platform. The default is pegasys-stream.



URL of the Kafka streaming platform. The default is



Period in milliseconds to check the HSM connection. Re-establishes the connection if required.

The default is 30000.



Plain text file containing the HSM password to access the partition.



Alias of the private key in the HSM.



Alias of the public key in the HSM.



Slot on the HSM to use the keys.



Number of recently added blocks in which to check when metrics are calculated. The default is 100.