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Validator monitoring


The validator monitoring plugin is available with a ConsenSys Quorum Support subscription.

The validator monitoring plugin provides additional metrics that build on the monitoring framework provided by Hyperledger Besu.

Use the POA metrics category to monitor validators in proof of authority (PoA) consensus protocols Clique and IBFT 2.0.

Metric nameConsensus protocols
plus_poa_ibft_recent_signed_countIBFT 2.0
plus_poa_ibft_rounds_for_latest_blockIBFT 2.0
plus_poa_ibft_unique_recent_signersIBFT 2.0
plus_poa_recent_proposer_countClique and IBFT 2.0
plus_poa_recently_proposed_block_countClique and IBFT 2.0
plus_poa_validator_count_currentClique and IBFT 2.0

Enable metrics for monitoring validators by setting the required options from the command line, and use the results to determine whether all validators are participating as expected. If they are, the results show that all validators are proposing and signing blocks. Otherwise, the results show one or more validators unaligned with the others.

For example, the plus_poa_ibft_recent_signed_count metric might show a node not signing blocks. In this case, begin to troubleshoot by analyzing the node's log file.